SQR-LOC® Perforated Post

SQR-LOC® Perforated post is a steel breakaway small sign support system, which has been crash tested to NCHRP Test Level 3 standards. The cross section on the sign support post is carbon steel tube formed to a square and welded directly in the corner by a high frequency electric resistance welding and externally scarfed to match the corner radii. The steel posts and galvanized part conform to ASTM A653 Modified Grade 57. All four sides of the post features holes that are 7/16” diameter on 1” centers through the entire length of the post. The holes are on the centerline of each side, in alignment with and opposite each other directly and diagonally. The constructability involves a post, an anchor and a sleeve that connects the post to the anchor, along with the post hardware.


  • OPSD 989.110 (Single Post)

  • OPSD 989.210 (Double Post)

  • OPSS 703

  • CDED B703


Post Height Options: 3.5’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 21’ (12 ga.)

Post Width: 51mm x 51mm (2” x 2”)


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