SMART Cushion®

The SMART Cushion® crash attenuator is a revolutionary, speed-dependent product that varies stopping resistance during an impact. This system has been crash tested to MASH standards. This fully re-directive, non-gating, bidirectional, impact attenuator was designed for safety and reusability, as well as durability before, during, and after an impact. The SMART Cushion® system has a hazard protection of up to 24”. This system also has an extremely low angle of exit on side impacts to keep vehicles from rebounding back into traffic and causing secondary accidents. The SMART Cushion® is self-supporting and requires no additional support for permanent or temporary construction applications.


  • OPSD 923.480

  • OPSD 923.481

  • OPSD 923.482

  • OPSD 923.483

  • OPSD 923.001

  • OPSS 723

  • OPSS 749

Method of Energy Absorption: Shock arresting cylinder

System type: Re-directive, non-gating

Crash Test Level: MASH

Category: Low maintenance, high exposure


21’6” (L) x 34” (H) x 24” (W)

~3450 lbs.


180 Ram Forest Road, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada  L4A 2G8

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