QuadTrend 350

The QuadTrend 350 system is designed to protect the ends of concrete barrier. The QuadTrend 350 consists of interlocking telescoping Quad-Bream® fender panels, wide flange posts, slip bases, sand containers, back straps, and a redirecting cable. It meets NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 standards and can be classified as a re-directive, gating end terminal. When hit head-on, the system shall be capable of simultaneously collapsing and moving laterally to redirect an impacting vehicle away from the hazard. For angle impacts, the vehicle is redirected back onto the roadway. As a gating system, the QuadTrend 350 requires an adequate clear zone.


  • OPSD 923.131

  • OPSD 923.133

  • OPSS 723

  • OPSS 745

Method of Energy Absorption: Sand filled containers and slip base posts

System type: Re-directive, gating

Crash Test Level: NCHRP 350

Category: Single-sided


20’ (L) x 32” (H) x 15” (W)

~1150 lbs


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