Fleat 350

The FLEAT (Flared Energy Absorbing Terminal) is an energy absorbing flared terminal. The flare is straight, and the offset can be anywhere between 2.5’-4’. The FLEAT is NCHRP 350 compliant. This system combines the performance of the energy absorbing tangent terminals with the advantage of flared terminals in reducing nuisance impacts. During head-on impacts, the FLEAT head slides over the W-Beam guide rail. The rail is sequentially kinked or bent as it moves through the head. The kinked guide rail exits the head safely and the vehicle is brought to a controlled stop. When impacted along the side within the length-of-need, the FLEAT functions like guide rail. The errant vehicle is safely redirected back toward its original travel path. The method of energy absorption is extruding and kinking of the guide rail.

**Available in steel or wood post.


  • MTOD 922.156

  • OPSS 732


31” (H) x 40’ (L) x 14” (W)


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