EZY Guard 4

The EZY-Guard 4 guide rail system has ben fully crash tested to MASH Test Level 3 and NCHRP Test Level 4 standards. As the crash barrier deflects, vehicle impact energy is dissipated through yielding of the posts and tensile forces exerted on the W-Beam. The lightweight, ductile Z-posts provide a forgiving impact, reduce deceleration forces, and minimize occupant risk. This system consists of W-Beam guide rail attached to EZY-Guard Z-section line posts via a guide rail carriage system and attachment bolt. This is a system that does not require the use of blocks. The system also offers rapid installation when compared to other longitudinal barrier systems with a quickly driven unique-shaped post in ground, with no concrete required.


Guide Rail: M-Type guide rail (12 ga.)

Guide Rail Height: 787mm (31”)

Post Height: 777mm (30-1/2”)

Post Spacing: 2000mm (78-3/4”)

Profile: 200mm (7-5/8”)

Crash Test: MASH


  • MTOD 912.161

  • MTOD 912.162

  • MTOD 912.160

  • MTOD 921.135

  • MTOD 912.351

  • OPSS 721

  • SSP 721S09


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