CIAS (14 Barrel)

The Connecticut Impact Attenuation System (CIAS) is a crash cushion that is re-directive, non-gating. The CIAS is tested under NCHRP Test Level 3 standards. The impact-attenuation device is composed of steel tubular members formed from straight plate sections, which are bolted together to form a cluster. The system is unique in that it will trap an errant vehicle under most impact conditions. The vehicle will be redirected back out into the roadway only when the impact location is so close to the rear of the system that it is impossible to obtain acceptable energy-dissipation and deceleration-trapping responses because of the proximity of the site hazard. The CIAS systems used in Ontario consist of 14 steel barrels with varying wall thickness. This system is ideally suited for gore hazards, where opposite direction impacts are not a concern.


  • OPSD 923.201

  • OPSD 923.202

  • OPSD 923.204

  • OPSD 923.242

  • OPSD 923.245

  • OPSS 752

Method of Energy Absorption: Hollow steel tubular members

System type: Re-directive, non-gating

Crash Test Level: NCHRP 350

Category: Energy-dissipation


7490mm (L) x 1220mm (H) x 4000mm (W)

*Above mentioned dimensions is the footprint of the CIAS (14 Barrel) – refer to OPSD 923.242 for configuration*


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