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Temporary Concrete Barrier (TCB) is used on construction projects to shield workers from vehicular traffic by creating a protected work zone.

The purpose of Steel Beam Energy Absorbing Terminals (SBEAT) is to safely terminate guide rail to prevent spearing into occupant compartment and to provide anchorage for SBGR. There are (2) types: energy absorbing (Non-gating) and non-energy absorbing (Gating).

Energy Attenuators are designed to protect errant vehicles from impacting rigid hazards.

High Tension Cable (HTC) is a roadside cable barrier made of 3 or 4 high-tension cables. The longitudinal cable barrier is designed to contain and redirect vehicles that leave the road.

Guide rail is a roadside longitudinal barrier intended to shield errant vehicles from roadside obstacles. SBGR is designed to contain a vehicle, redirect the vehicle smoothly with no snagging/overturning, create tolerable occupant impact forces, and ensure minimum occupant compartment deformation with no debris intrusion.

Breakaway sign support systems with wooden or steel posts have been designed to resist wind loading and meet the crash test acceptance requirements of NCHRP Report 350.

Roadside safety transitions are designed and meet the crash test acceptance requirements of MASH standards. They are meant to protect vehicles from roadside hazards by redirecting errant vehicles in a safe manner as well as providing high levels of safety during and after impact.


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